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September 2, 2018

Blossom Update: Veggie Garden Setup

When I was growing up I always had a veggie garden going. Now that I have a house, I can finally
have one again!

While setting up the garden did have some upfront costs, long term I think it will save us money. Take,
for instance, spinach. I buy a bag of spinach every other week for $1.98-2.28 (depending on time of
year). That’s $51.48-59.28 per year (without taxes) just on spinach. That’s enough for my WiFi bill for
a month! By starting a garden I can cut that cost and have organic instead of non organic produce. It’s
a win-win!

The set up was a little more work than I anticipated. I live in ATX, so have rock about two inches below
ground surface. I decided doing an above ground bed would be easiest. That way I wouldn’t have to
deal with the rock. So, I ordered some dirt and went and bought four 8x1x10 boards and one 8x1x8. I
only needed one because we built off an existing chicken coop, so no need for the second board!

Backyard elevated veggie garden

Step one was to construct the bed. We made a 20x8 garden. I am super excited about this - so much
space for veggies! We secured the boards in the rectangle with screws and very large nails. Smaller
boards, cut into blocks, were used to overlap where the two 10 foot boards met and in the corners. We
waited to put the last end board on so we could take the wheelbarrow into the garden to dump the dirt.
After it was full we put the last board on!

Backyard elevated vegetable garden

Step two was moving the dirt! I had a huge pile of dirt delivered on the driveway. One squeaky wheelbarrow
at a time, we moved the dirt to the garden. Talk about a workout!

Backyard elevated vegetable garden dirt
Backyard elevated vegetable garden

Next came the fun part! I mixed fertilizer into the garden and then shaped my rows. I decided to go with
rows perpendicular to the garden (so 8 feet long) because I thought identifying what was in the row
would be easier than trying to figure out where I stopped planting one thing and started another. After
that I carefully placed my seeds into the rows. We have sunflowers, cat grass, pumpkins, watermelon,
garden beans, spinach, carrot, broccoli, celery, and lettuce!

Backyard elevated vegetable garden

I also added a little flower garden on the other side of the coop since we had extra dirt! They add a nice
bit of color to the corner of the yard.

Keep an eye out for updates on the garden - we should see our first sprouts in 10-14 days!

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