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October 30, 2018

Positivity Tuesday!

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A little while back I saw this really great post on another blog that talked about things the the author was happy and positive about. It was really great to hear someone looking for the silver linings in life! So, here are my three thoughts for positivity Tuesday!

  1. My hubby made dinner yesterday and today! I know this is a little thing, but I can’t tell you how awesome it is to not have to make dinner after a long day of work! Plus it’s so freakin’ sweet that he’s willing to do that for me.
I unfortunately did not get a pic of dinner tonight. It was super yummy: shrimp tacos with a nice glass of wine!

  1. The other day my sweet puppy, Atka, got bitten by another dog. While this was definitely not an ideal situation, my work has been fantastic! When I needed to take him to the vet, my boss was so understanding! It’s really great to have that kind of support.

  1. I know I’ve had it for a while, but I am still so thankful for the house! It has been so amazing to be able to park my car in the garage, to have a yard for the dog, to have spare rooms! I have absolutely loved having so much space. I’ve enjoyed being able to throw parties and have bubble baths in my huge tub and spread out!

While I know some of these are a little silly or a little old, but it’s really nice to start thinking about these things. I’ve found myself smiling as I type! What are a few things you’re feeling positive and thankful for?

October 28, 2018

Homecoming Game

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On Saturday was Texas State University, my alma mater, Homecoming Game! Justin also went to TXST. We use to love going to tailgate and then to the game, so decided to head down for the weekend and enjoy some of our old favorite places!

texas state university homecoming football game

texas state university homecoming football game

texas state university homecoming football game

texas state university homecoming football game

texas state university homecoming football game

texas state university homecoming football game

I made sure our hotel was in walking distance to the stadium because parking at the game can get pretty crazy! This worked out really nicely because the weather was beautiful and we there was a lot of traffic! We went to the tailgate area we went to when we were students first. Oh my did we feel oldddd!! I graduated about a year ago, and still all the students looked so young to me! It was crazy! We then headed over to the Alumni tent. This was the place to be! Instead of bad beer, we had the option of wine coolers, wine (white zinfandel, pinot noir, chardonnay, merlot, or pinot grigio) and half a dozen beers! I enjoyed the white zinfandel - it was light and fruity! They also had Black’s Bar-B-Q (one of the best BBQ places in the area), and Wienerschnitzel! It was all SO good! The live band was fun to listen to, and there was a dance group in the tent next door which was really impressive!

Once tailgate was coming to an end we headed over to the stadium! Texas State was favored 53% to win. The game was a pretty close match with a couple impressive plays! The final score was 27-20 Bobcats (TXST)!

After leaving the game we headed to The Square, a collection of bars on the block around the courthouse. There’s this super yummmyyy drink at Black Rabbit called a Lucky Rabbit’s Foot. It’s made with Vodka and fresh strawberries and I had to have one while we were in town! Our last stop for the evening was Gumby’s Pizza for some pizza rolls. We use to go there almost every Tuesday because they had half price rolls! They were just as delicious as I remember!

Today we had to come back home, but before leaving town we went for a walk on the San Marcos River. I lloooovvvvveeeeee this river! It is crystal clear and beautiful and a brisk 72 degrees year round. Atka and I use to go on walks almost everyday around the river. He loved to splash around! With the weather at 74 degrees and sunny, it was a perfect morning to go for a stroll on our old path!
If you’re in Texas and need something fun to do on a hot summer day, head to the river to float in a tube! It’s a blast!!

Moral of this story, if your school has a homecoming, GO!!! It was ssooo much fun to be back there for a couple days and go to the places we use to love! It was also really great to see how much the town has grown! They’ve updated parks, built a huge bridge, added a bike system, and made improvements on the trails! I’m definitely proud to be a Bobcat!

October 22, 2018

Halloween Party

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Having the house has been great for being able to entertain! I’ve found that I really love hosting parties! So, I know
we’re a little early, but over the weekend Justin and I had our Halloween Party! (Next weekend is our alma mater’s
Homecoming football game, so we decided to have the Halloween party a week early!) We spent most of Saturday
prepping our decorations and food for the festivities that night!

We had little light up pumpkins throughout the house, skulls, spider webbing, and ‘blood’ with eyeballs in it! I also lit
candles in the fireplace to add some light and a nice ambiance. We had our dimmer lights on half so the house had
a spooky feel!
There was also a fogger in the backyard and several games like corn hole, bocce ball, and basketball. These games
are always a huge hit at parties! Little tombstones were set up in the backyard with a shovel by them! I thought it was
really cute and a great touch for our outdoor decorations!
The food was pigs in a blanket, apples, carrots, celery, strawberries, and chips with dip! We also had Coke and Sprite
for mixers or as beverages. The water was dyed red with food coloring and had a few eyeballs floating in it!

For costumes, Toulouse was a fox. This is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. He wore his sweater like a champ
all night! Atka was a spider and was a big hit among guests! I was Little Red Riding Hood and Justin was the Big Bad
Wolf. I’m thinking next year we have the whole family in matching costumes! Comment with your suggestions! :)

October 19, 2018

What I Ate

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Good morning! So a few times I’ve seen a thing called “What I Ate Wednesday” where food
and fitness bloggers write a diary-style post about everything they ate in a day. I find those
posts so interesting and enjoyable to read, and on top of it, I walk away with so many new
meal ideas! So, I tracked everything I had to eat throughout my day yesterday!

7:30 am: While I’m driving to work I always start with my superfood smoothie! I love waking
up to something so yummy and good for me in the mornings. Right now I have strawberry
flavored Shakeology! It’s SO good with a banana and almond milk!!

meal prep, health, wellness

8:30 am: Once I’m at work it’s time for some breakfast! I had greek yogurt with strawberry!
Some coffee is definitely a must in the AM! I either drink it black or put a splash of nonfat milk.
I don’t like using cream and sugar because it’s extra calories I don’t need.

10:30 am: I’m definitely getting a little hungry! Snack time! I like to keep it healthy, so today
I brought carrots and hummus. I love, love, love Grandma’s Homemade Hummus. It. is. so.
Good. And holds me over to lunch time!

meal prep, health, wellness

1:00 pm: Lunch time! Today is ceviche! Super excited because I love this meal!! It’s delicious
and healthy :) and I love everything fish and avocado!

4:00 pm: It’s snack time again. Today I’m going for some carrots! It’s a nice afternoon snack
that helps curb my want for something unhealthy! (like the Dr. Pepper I really want to have

meal prep, health, wellness

6:00 pm: A quinoa bowl is on the menu for dinner! This one is great because you can add
whatever veggies you have! Since I try to get a few servings of veggies at dinner this works
well. The sauce is also super yummy: sriracha, soy sauce, and sesame oil.
In my bowl I put carrots, cucumber, pepper, sweet peas and green beans.

8:00 pm: I just finished up my workout, so am winding down for bedtime! I love a good
bubble bath, so I rinse off my workout funk in the shower and then catch the water for a
bath! I have herbal tea while I soak and relax! I think it’s super important to turn your
brain off in prep for bedtime so that you can get a restful night’s sleep. The tea and
relaxation/me-time really help me get in this mindset.

October 14, 2018

Evening Routine

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My days can be pretty full and crazy! By the end of the day I sometimes have a hard time sleeping, so I created a
routine that helps me relax and wind down, so I can get a good night’s rest and feel refreshed the next day!

Shortly after I get home from work I do my workout. This helps me get moving, and focus on me and my goals for
a bit. I like to give each workout a focus or dedication. Sometimes it will be the same one for several days! Lately
it’s been “Feel strong again” since I’ve taken a bit of a break from the exercise front and can definitely feel it!

Then I move on to dinner! I try to have something healthy and small in the evenings. There have been so many
studies that say not to eat right before bed because it causes weight gain! So I eat around 6:30 or 7 and then stick
with liquids for the rest of the night.

fish, dinner, health
Tonight I had fish with spinach and cherry tomatoes!

Bath time might be my favorite part of the day. To clean up from my workout I rinse off in the shower and then fill
the bathtub with bubble bath, put my light dimmer on half, light a candle, get a nice glass of wine or some herbal
tea, and soak with a good book. (Right now it’s Eat, Pray, Love, one of my faves!)

bath, tea, bathtub

This always turns my brain off and gets me ready for bed. By the time I get out of the bath it’s normally time to hit
the sheets! These relaxation strategies help me to fall asleep with ease and feel refreshed to start the next day!

October 9, 2018

Burlington, Vermont Travel Guide

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Burlington, Vermont red barn fall leaves

burlington vermont, cider mill, fall, cold hollow cider mill

stowe vermont

Burlington, Vermont, diner, food, travel

Burlington Vermont, Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream

Smugglers notch, vermont, fall, leaves, travel

Smugglers notch, vermont, fall, leaves, travel

burlington vermont, church street, mural

Smugglers notch, vermont, fall, leaves, travel

Smugglers notch, vermont, fall, leaves, travel

Stowe, vermont, fall, leaves, travel, bear

burlington vermont, lake champlaine, sunset, travel

There are several things about Burlington, Vermont that I’ve already talked about here, but my last day in the area yielded new, fun adventures and places! While Vermont may be a small state with a fairly low population, it certainly has a lot to offer!

Where to Stay
I stayed at the Homewood Suites because it was close to where I was working, but it turned out to be a great place! It was close to Lake Champlain, Church Street, and offers both breakfast and dinner. And even complementary locally brewed beer with dinner!

What to Do
Smugglers Notch: This was a hikers dream! There were tons and tons of hiking trails, and the leaves were changing, so it looked BEAUTIFUL! The ground even looked like it was twinkling under the sun! I tried to get a picture, but you couldn’t see it through the camera! The temperature was about ten degrees cooler up there compared to down in the town, because of the elevation change, so be sure to bring a sweater!

Stowe:  Imagine a town that looks like it’s straight out of a storybook! There were cobble roads, gardens in front of all the buildings, and most of the shops looked like old houses! It was absolutely adorable! Plus several shops had samples of local fudge, jams, and other treats!

The Ben and Jerry’s Factory: This has to be on this list because it’s the only Ben and Jerry’s Factory. It was a pretty cool place. The way things were built it almost looked animated. My favorite part was the graveyard of ice cream! The tombstones were so funny!

Lake Champlain: Catching a sunset on Lake Champlain was absolutely stunning. It was so beautiful and calm. There are several restaurants on the lake too, so enjoying dinner while watching the sunset is always an option!

Where to Eat
Vermont was big on farm-to-table, which is totally awesome. Who doesn’t want fresh food? Most places we went offered only local foods! So, obviously, most places were insanely delicious!

Park Diner: Breakfast at Parkway diner is a must! It’s an adorable little diner in a classic 1950s diner car. The food was SOOO good! And the ambiance was great! It was so cool to watch your food be made right in front of you and see the cooks working together. It was like a machine!

Cold Hollow Cider Mill: The have freshly squeezed apple cider. Oh my Goddd! It was so delicious and warm and perfect! And they sell cider donuts to go with it! So. Good.

Overall I would say Vermont is definitely a place worth visiting. It’s so cute and friendly! I had a really wonderful time trying some of the things the area is known for! Now I’m even contemplating a summer home in Vermont…

If you have any questions about Burlington or the surrounding areas, let me know in the comments!

October 3, 2018

A Taste of Vermont

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Vermont is a pretty small state. Especially to a Texas girl! Texas has 28.3 million people, while
Vermont has 623,000 people. You can fit 29 Vermont’s into Texas. That being said, Burlington,
Vermont is an adorable city to go to!
This week is the first week the leaves are changing. It is absolutely beautiful! There have been
red, orange, and yellow leaves! The changing of the colors only lasts for about two weeks before
the leaves fall off the tree and it becomes what the locals call 'twig season'. My favorite term that
I learned is "leaf peeper". A leaf peeper is someone who goes to visit and see the leaves changing

Burlington Vermont, Fall, Leaves

Burlington is a cute little old time-y town! On Church street in downtown has some excellent
restaurants. The first night here I had Leunig's Bistro. Ohmygod! It was SO good! I got the
Chai Glazed Scallops and HIGHLY RECOMMEND them!! Yummy!

Food, scallops Burlington Vermont, French

Apparently a Maple Creemee is a common desert here. It’s basically a soft serve ice cream with a
maple flavor. It’s really yummy! The restaurant everyone recommended was Burlington Bay -
aka the building with the blue roof. This place was not at all what I expected! It was an ice cream
parlor/coffee shop/liquor store! But it really did have good ice cream. Every shop has their own
recipe for a maple creemee, so everywhere you go it's a new experience and flavor!

Burlington Vermont, Maple, Creemee, Ice Cream, Food, Lake

Then we went to The Growler, a bar in downtown Burlington. As it turns out, Vermont is known
for its 400+ local brews! I really enjoyed the ambiance and they had some pretty good beer!
Definitely a place worth checking out!

Burlington Vermont, Flight, Beer, The Growler

There was an amazing Art museum in downtown Burlington. Artist Crystal Wagner made her
pieces using plastic table clothes, screen printed cut paper, wire, wood support, and paint.
These sculptures were very impressive. One filled the whole room!

Art exhibit, Crystal Wagner

Art exhibit, Crystal WagnerArt exhibit, Crystal Wagner

So far this trip has been great! Check back for an update on our next adventures! We have a great

day planned later this week!!

We're Moving!