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October 19, 2018

What I Ate

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Good morning! So a few times I’ve seen a thing called “What I Ate Wednesday” where food
and fitness bloggers write a diary-style post about everything they ate in a day. I find those
posts so interesting and enjoyable to read, and on top of it, I walk away with so many new
meal ideas! So, I tracked everything I had to eat throughout my day yesterday!

7:30 am: While I’m driving to work I always start with my superfood smoothie! I love waking
up to something so yummy and good for me in the mornings. Right now I have strawberry
flavored Shakeology! It’s SO good with a banana and almond milk!!

meal prep, health, wellness

8:30 am: Once I’m at work it’s time for some breakfast! I had greek yogurt with strawberry!
Some coffee is definitely a must in the AM! I either drink it black or put a splash of nonfat milk.
I don’t like using cream and sugar because it’s extra calories I don’t need.

10:30 am: I’m definitely getting a little hungry! Snack time! I like to keep it healthy, so today
I brought carrots and hummus. I love, love, love Grandma’s Homemade Hummus. It. is. so.
Good. And holds me over to lunch time!

meal prep, health, wellness

1:00 pm: Lunch time! Today is ceviche! Super excited because I love this meal!! It’s delicious
and healthy :) and I love everything fish and avocado!

4:00 pm: It’s snack time again. Today I’m going for some carrots! It’s a nice afternoon snack
that helps curb my want for something unhealthy! (like the Dr. Pepper I really want to have

meal prep, health, wellness

6:00 pm: A quinoa bowl is on the menu for dinner! This one is great because you can add
whatever veggies you have! Since I try to get a few servings of veggies at dinner this works
well. The sauce is also super yummy: sriracha, soy sauce, and sesame oil.
In my bowl I put carrots, cucumber, pepper, sweet peas and green beans.

8:00 pm: I just finished up my workout, so am winding down for bedtime! I love a good
bubble bath, so I rinse off my workout funk in the shower and then catch the water for a
bath! I have herbal tea while I soak and relax! I think it’s super important to turn your
brain off in prep for bedtime so that you can get a restful night’s sleep. The tea and
relaxation/me-time really help me get in this mindset.

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