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January 9, 2019

A Happy Chicken Coop

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The previous owners of our house had a couple bunnies as pets, so there is a little hut in the backyard that they lived in. We decided to get some chickens to live in the hut, because I grew up with them and love the farm fresh eggs! You really can taste a difference! Having chickens will also give us a use for our food scraps. While we don’t plan to get the chickens until the spring, we went ahead and transformed the bunny hut into a chicken coop!

chicken, hen, coop, chicken coop, backyard, garden, blog, lifestyle

Phase one was to make a place for the hens to roost. Chickens won’t lay eggs on the ground, you have to give them some sort of perch. We used boards that we had laying around and secured them together with screws to build a small shelf in the coop that they can use to lay. On the shelf are a few cubbies, so the hens feel safe and secure.

chicken, hen, coop, chicken coop, backyard, garden

chicken, hen, coop, chicken coop, backyard, garden

Next, we wanted to make the outside a little more aesthetically appealing. The coop was cleaned off so paint would stick, and then painted barn red with white accents. We got outdoor paint that’s a primer and color from Lowe’s. I think this is freakin’ adorable! It looks like a tiny barn in our backyard!

The last step of our hut to coop transformation is going to be putting up a white picket fence around the garden so the chickens can eat the bugs in the garden when we’re in the yard with them. That way, hopefully, the caterpillars aren’t an issue again in the spring!

chicken, hen, coop, chicken coop, backyard, garden

chicken, hen, coop, chicken coop, backyard, garden

I’ll be sure to show y’all when we finally get the fence up! I can’t wait for it to all be done, it’s going to look so cute!! Plus, we’ll have fresh eggs, our chickens will be fed by our food scraps, and they will eat the bugs from the garden for us. It’s a great system to decrease waste! Now we’re all set to adopt two hens into our family!

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